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'let us take two commodities, such as a little babby t-shirt and a little babby t-shirt bearing a catchy left wing slogan, and let the value of the second be twice the value of the first, so that if one little babby t-shirt = w, the little babby t-shirt with a slogan on it = 2w'

karl marx, capital, chapter 1
(slightly paraphrased)

in 2017 i had a stupid idea in a pub: that maybe i could print clothes for kids with cute little slogans and sell them to my friends. then later, given that my three passions are babies, making things and socialism, i decided that maybe it wasn't that stupid an idea after all.

the clothes themselves are manufactured ethically in a facility overseen by BSCI, a non profit dedicated to the improvement of working conditions in supply chain factories. i screen print all lil' comrade clothes by hand in my kitchen, and aim to process, print and send all orders within 7 working days of receiving them.

thank you so much for visiting my shop!

with love and solidarity,

Edie x